About Us

Commercial Industrial Builders has been in business since 1984 serving a multi-state region surrounding the Texas Panhandle. Our goal is to provide quality turn-key design and construction. CIB is committed to running our project smoothly and efficiently. Not only can we perform the construction of your project, but we can provide Design-Build Services. Under the Design-Build structure the contractor will be responsible for all work on the project and will bring together the needed subcontractors, architects, and engineers to complete the project.

Our standard follows the same ideas and principles that have already existed in our company:

To Build Quality Through Teamwork – We are all on a team working towards a goal. The client, the designer, the general contractor, subcontractors, vendors, down to the craftsmen, must all work together to not only build the project that the client wants, but to build it well.

Do It Right …The First Time – We believe that quality costs less when you build it right the first time. High quality construction costs less if the work is well planned and everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. That is our responsibility to our clients.

CIB worktruck at Bara Construction site (1)

Focus On Our Customers – Our primary goal is to satisfy our clients. Accompanying this goal is a primary benefit: By delivering a service that satisfies the client, we are more likely to have a repeat customer.

Continuously Improve – Any organization and function, from every business, can be improved upon. Each improvement that we make creates a tremendous opportunity for our client. By improving the efficiency of our services, we can decrease costs and time of construction while maintaining our high standard of quality.


Bruce Melius

Hastings Entertainment, Inc.

“Thank you once again for all the work you have done for Hastings Entertainment the past six years and I am looking forward to many more years of working with CIB.”

Bruce Melius

Hastings Entertainment, Inc

“Hastings has fast-track construction projects and CIB has been able to meet our timelines with quality workmanship on both ground-ups and remodels.”

Marius Rygg

Gateway Building Systems, Inc

“CIB’s attention to detail, willingness to do whatever it takes to get things done right plus constant awareness of the project schedule is outstanding.”

Marius Rygg

Gateway Building Systems, Inc

I’ve had the pleasure of having CIB build multiple projects for me and I would highly recommend them.